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  • Optical Fiber Cable
  • CCTV Coaxial Cable
  • Fire Alarm Cable
  • Network & IP Cable
  • CATV Coaxial Cable
  • 3G, 4G, 5G Signal Coaxial Cable
  • industrial data & process automation
  • Power and Control Cable
Based on more than 20 years OEM experience, we can not only supply you all types of Coaxial Cable, also we can supply the BNC 
connector,POE, Camera for Video Surveillance systems.
We can not only supply you all types of network cable and optical fiber cable, also we can supply cabinet,patch panel,
cable management,keystone jack... for Data Center System.
We can produce you main types of fire alarm cable. Our high quality of fire alarm cable can satisfy 
main standard in USA, UK, Russia,South Africa.
We supply high performance cable for customers from all over the world,welcome to chose our type and also welcome for your specificaiton.
High quality and good price!
CCTV Coaxial Cable
RG6, RG59, RG11, 3C-2V, PK75-2, PK75-3, RG6 siamese, RG59 siamese,
3C-2V siamese and more,Also OEM for your specification.
Fire Alarm Cable
Based on UK / USA / Russia / More standard,Our types:
FPL, FPLR, FPLP Cable, PH30,PH120 Cable, FRLS,FRHF Cable
Optical Fiber Cable
We can produce main types for Indoor optical fiber cable,
Outdoor optical fiber cable,Drop cable,optical patch cord.
CATV Coaxial Cable
High Qualtiy CATV coaxial cable,RG types, VATC types and more.
Signal Coaxial Cables
Low Loss Cable,RF coaxial cable,Semi-Flexible cable,RG58,RG174,RG8,RG213,RG223 and more.
Welcome to connact us
Our Workers Ready To Help You and  We will immediately answer all calls during office hours, and guarantee a response to all emails within three business hours.
Security Alarm Cable
Solid or Stranded , Shielded or Unshielded,and all to make sure sending right signal.
Network & IP Cable
We can supply you following types:
UTP , FTP , SFTP , patch cord...



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