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24|32|48 Cores G.652.D Fibers ADSS Double Jacket All-dielectric self-supporting cable PE sheath optical fiber cable

24|32|48 Cores G.652.D Fibers
ADSS All-dielectric self-supporting cable
Double Jacket PE sheath
Max Span: 200-500m
Max applied voltage: 110kv
Weather conditions: 25m/s wind speed + 0mm Ice Load

  • 24|32|48 Cores ADSS Double Jacket
  • OEM
  • ADSS
  • 4 Tube Single Jacket
  • ISO9001
  • 3km/spool
  • Wooden Spool ,Φ1100*750mm
  • 100km
  • 5-25 Days
  • 30%TT as deposit,70%Balance before shipping.

Product Description

24|32|48 Cores G.652.D Fibers 
All-dielectric self-supporting (ADSS) cable optical fiber cable 
Double Jacket PE sheath 
Max Span: 200-500m   
Max applied voltage: 110kv
Weather conditions: 25m/s wind speed + 0mm Ice Load
ADSS-4Tube(6+1)-Double Jacket


Item Description
Fiber Optic UV fiber G.652.D;@1310nm ≤0.35dB/km;
@1550nm ≤0.2dB/km;
Tube filling compound Water Blocking & Moisture Proof Thyrotrophic gel
Loose tube 1.8-2.0 mm PBT
Filler FRP 1.8 mm LDPE / PP 
Center strength member 1.8 mm GFRP
Water blocking tape 0.28mm thickness
Binder 2 wires Polyester Yarns
Ripcords 2 wires
Dielectric Strength Members Aramid Yarns KEVLAR  K49-3000D
Inner Jacket 0.9-1.0mm thickness HDPE /MDPE
Outer Jacket 1.6-2.0mm thickness HDPE /MDPE
Cable Out Diameter 10.7±0.5mm
Cable Weight 85±5kg
Length Cable/Spool 3km or 4km (2% tolerance in more)
Temperature range -20~+65℃


ITU-T Rec. G.652.D             IEC 60794
GR-409                                 IEEE1222-2004
ICEA-596                              YD/T 1997-2009

Colors -12 Chromatography


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