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Access Building Optical fiber Cable

Characteristic: 0.9mm TBF/ 0.25mm Color Fiber subunit

Cable Type: Access Building Optical Cable

Fiber Type: G.652.D | G.657.A1 | OM1 |OM3 |OM4
Jacket Material: LSZH | PVC |PUR
Subunit Type: 0.9mmTBF| 250μm Fibers 

Environmental Space: Indoor Riser


mobile fiber optic cable-4


Optical fiber Mobile Cable with TBF PUR sheath for military redars oil field mining work GJPFJU 

Characteristic:0.9mm Colors TBF+PUR Sheath

Access building cable glass yarn-8f_


Access Building Cable Glass Yarn LSZH 6.8mm

Characteristic:0.25mm Colors Fibers+Glass Yarn


Access building cable PSP-10f_



Access Building Cable PSP Glass Yarn LSZH 9.3mm

Characteristic:0.25mm Colors Fibers+Glass Yarn+PSP Armored



Access building cable Aramid yarn-8f_



Access Building Cable Aramid Yarn LSZH 6.2mm

Characteristic:0.25mm Colors Fibers+Armid Yarn




Access building cable Aramid yarn PSP-6f_



Access Building Cable PSP Aramid Yarn LSZH 7.3mm

Characteristic:0.25mm Colors Fibers+Armid Yarn+PSP






Optical Fiber Cable ( Fibra óptica)



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