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  • 5 minutes to learn about Fiber optic cable types

    5 minutes to learn about Fiber optic cable types

  • Difference-between-CAT5-and-CAT6

    Difference between CAT5 and CAT6

    How to choose the right cable for CCTV systems ?

    How to choose the right cable for CCTV systems ?

  • About ​Fire Alarm Cable Types

    About ​Fire Alarm Cable Types

[Data Center] Build your own home Data Center
Today, it has become very common to build a small data center at home or small business.In the past, only large companies or industries would have data centers. Now, this has changed, and the number of small businesses creating small data centers has greatly increased.The data center is the brain of
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[Data Center] The Basics of RJ45 and 8P8C Connectors
Origins of RJ45Let’s start with RJ45, perhaps the term most widely used to refer to Ethernet cables today. RJ stands for “registered jack,” and the true RJ45 connector was originally developed as part of the standardized telecommunication network interface for the purpose of connecting telephone net
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[Data Center] Processo de fabricação da pré-forma de fibra óptica-zion communication
Processo de fabricação da pré-forma de fibra óptica-zion communication
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[Data Center] CAT6 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions About Cat6 Cable
What is a Cat 6 cableCat 6 (Category 6) is a cable standard used mainly for Ethernet computer networking, security systems, and telephone services.Cat 6 cable is backward compatible with the Cat 5E, Category 6(Wiki) cable is capable of transmitting voice and data up to 155 Mbps (mega bits per second
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[Data Center] Types of Computer Network Cables
Types of Computer Network Cables In use, the computer network cable consists of several types that are usually adjusted to the needs, conditions, network topology, protocols and the size of a certain computer network. For example, there are small computer network cables that are used in small amount
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[Data Center] Why is optical fiber important?
Why is optical fiber important? Optical fibers are the most effective material for transmitting information over long distances. In fact, all telecommunication networks currently use fiber optic segments in their structure. In industry optical fiber is using in fiber optic cables.Fiber optic cables
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[Data Center] Cable de fibra óptica Explicación de tipo
Product Director : James XuField:Communication cables:Optical fiber cableEmail:
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