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FPLR Fire Alarm Cable
Why chose us as your partner?
You can get ultimate reasonable factory price of
the Fire Alarm Cable itself from us!
You will enjoy best service from our export team on price
for import and export, shipping time, documents
and custom policy, which will save cost ultimately  
and create biggest value for you.
Quality Guarantee
You will received 100% quality pass testing before sending
to our customers;also we are responsible for all products during it’s normal lifetime.
ZION COMMUNICATION supplies a wide range of
fire alarm cables which are for use with fire monitoring,
fire detection, power-limited fire alarm systems, 
smoke detectors, signaling, audio circuits, control circuits, 
fire protective circuits and security systems.
fire alarm cables comply with International standards within 
the industry. If you do not find the product you need
n then we offer the option of a special custom design cable.
Here you can choose between different constructions,
jacket colours or other materials etc.
Key Features
These products are solid conductor
or multi conductor cables that come
in a shielded and unshielded version.
The variations are PVC, Plenum,
shielded and unshielded which
automatically puts this cable in at least 
4 types of different applications.
Standard ways of asking for it would be
fire alarm cable, shielded fire alarm cable, 
FPLR cable and FPLP cable which stated
for Riser and Plenum.
★ Hotels  ★ Airports  ★ Offices
★ Theatres and cinemas
★ Schools  ★ Hospitals
★ Museums  ★ Skyscrapers
★ Shopping centres  
★ Undergrounds and tunnels
★ Railways stations
★ Computer centres
★ Alarm systems
★ Traffic control systems
★ Fire fighting systems 



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