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Industrial Data & Process Automation description

Today,manufacturing productivity depends upon seamless datacommunication and automation systems.
And both depend upon high-performance cabling solutions.    
ZION COMMUNICATION can supply industrial cabling solutions for applications like yours: 
whether you are networking your factory floor or your process equipment and devices to their controllers…
and on to the control room,or relaying data between the control room,
the engineering department, and remote manufacturing sites - or, all of the above.
From your petrochemical, automotive manufacturing, pharmaceutical, 
powergeneration, pulp and paper, metals, food and beverage, 
or general manufacturing plant to your corporate headquarters-and everywhere in between. 
Most importantly you can have the peace of-mind that is inherent with the use of
ZION COMMUNICATION products since all our cables are 
manufactured  on the industry’s highest standardsof quality, 
using the most advancedequipment, systems, controls and processes available.

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