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Lan Cable / Multi-Conductor Network & IP Cable
Why chose us as your partner?
You can get ultimate reasonable factory price of
the Multi-Conductor Network & IP Cable itself from us!
You will enjoy best service from our export team on price for import and export, shipping time, documents
and custom policy, which will save cost ultimately  and create biggest value for you.
Quality Guarantee
You will received 100% quality pass testing before sending to our customers;also we are responsible for all products during it’s normal lifetime.
A data center is a facility used to computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems. And it is always used by Goverments, Militaries, Airports and IT Companies.
ZION COMMUNICATION provides Lan cables from short run applications to the most critical long distance Application 
Our network cables offer optimum performance for main distribution use in data center systems where extended cable runs are required.
Key Features
All Lan cables from ZION COMMUNICATION comply with international standards within the industry. And ZION COMMUNICATION network cables are available as UL and with a CM, CMR or CMP rating, and CPR certificates.If you do not find the product you need in then we offer the option of a special custom design cable. Here you can choose between different constructions, jacket color or other materials etc.
★ Hotels  ★ Airports  ★ Offices
★ Theatres and cinemas
★ Schools  ★ Hospitals
★ Museums  ★ Skyscrapers
★ Shopping centres  ★ Alarm systems
★ Undergrounds and tunnels
★ Railways stations ★ Computer centres
★ Traffic control systems
★ Fire fighting systems