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Optical Fiber Patch Cords cables SC LC FC ST APC UPC Types Duplex cords

  • Optical Fiber Patch Cords
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Optical Fiber Patch Cords
Any Type. Any Length.Any Color!

Product Director : James Xu





Patch cables are used for connections to CATV (Cable Television),
telecommunication networks, computer fiber networks and fiber test
equipment. Applications include communication rooms, FTTH (Fiber to
The Home), LAN (Local Area Network), FOS (fiber optic sensor), Fiber
Optic Communication System, Optical fiber connected and transmitted
equipment, Defense combat readiness, etc.

Polish Types:

PC < -40dB, UPC (Ultra Physical Contact) <-50dB,  APC (Angled Physical Contact) <-60dB

To reduce the back reflection of a connector,UPC polish. Industry standard is a minimum of–40dB for PC back reflec-tion measurement and–50dB for UPC back reflection measurement.  If even less back reflection is required, an APC might be necessary. An APC connector has an 8ºangle cut into the ferrule. These connectors are identifiable by their green color. An APC polished connector has an Indus-try Standard Minimum of–60dB measurement. APC fiber ends have low back reflection even when disconnected.

Fiber Type:

Single Mode 9/125μm OS1, OS2, Multimode 62.5/125μm OM1, Multimode 50/125μm OM2, Multimode 50/125μm
OM3 10Gb gig, Multimode 50/125μm 10Gb OM4

Tech. Specification:
ATTENUATION2.5-μm: 850 nm:≤2.9 dB/km;1300 nm:≤0.6 dB/km;
50-μm PVC: 850 nm:≤2.4 dB/km; 1300 nm:≤0.7 dB/km;
10-GbE 50-μm PVC: 850 nm:≤2.3 dB/km; 1300 nm:≤0.6 dB/km;
9-μm: 1310 nm: 0.33–0.35 dB/km; 1383 nm: 0.31–0.35 dB/km;
1550 nm: 0.19–0.20 dB/km; 1625 nm: 0.20–0.23 dB/km
BANDWIDTH62.5-μm: Intermediate performance EMB: 850 nm: 220 MHz/km;                                     Legacy performance EMB: 850 nm: 200MHz/km; 1300 nm: 500 MHz/km;
50-μm: Intermediate performance EMB: 850 nm: 510 MHz/km;                                       Legacy performance EMB: 850 nm: 500MHz/km; 1300 nm: 500 MHz/km;
10-GbE 50-μm: Intermediate performance EMB:850 nm:2000 MHz/km;                              Legacy performance EMB:850nm:1500MHz/km; 1300nm: 500 MHz/km
Cladding Diameter —125 μm
Core Diameter —62.5 μm, 50 μm,or 9 μm
Operating Temperature-10 to +70℃
Optimized Data Rate62.5-μm: 850 nm: 1 Gbps over 300 m; 1300 nm: 1 Gbps over 550 m;
50-μm: 1 Gbps over 600 m; 10-GbE 50-μm: 1 Gbps over;1000 m at 850 nm;
10-Gbps at 300 m at 850 nm
STANDARDS62.5-μm: ISO/IEC 11801: Type OM1 fiber; IEC 60793-2-10: Type A1b fiber; TIA/EIA: 492AAAA-A
50-μm PVC: ISO/IEC 11801: Type OM2 fiber; IEC 60793-2-10: Type A1a.1 fiber;TIA/EIA: 492AAAB
10-GbE 50-μm PVC: ISO/IEC 11801: Type OM3 fiber; Type A1a.2; TIA/EIA: 492AAAC-B
Single-mode: ITU-T G.652 (Categories A, B, C, D); IEC 60793-2-50 Type B1.3;                             TIA/EIA 492-CAAB; Telecordia
Fiber CountSimplex(A single fiber), Duplex(2 fibers in a single cable, Zip Cord), Multi-Fiber cables,
custom configurations,common are 4 fiber, 6fiber, 8fiber, 12 fiber, 24 fiber, 48 fiber,
72 fiber, 144 fiber, 256 fiber. Higher fiber counts are normally
termi-nated as a MTP/MPO Trunk cables, using MTP/MPO connectors.
Fiber Diameter optional 900um, 3.0mm, 2.0mm, 1.8mm, 1.6mm


Standard cable jacket colors:
Yellow, Orange, Blue,Green, Brown, Gray, Black, White, Purple, Red, Pink
Jacket material options:
PVC Jacket, OFNR Riser Jacket, OFNP Plenum Jacket, LSZH, Armored Jacket
OFNR (Optical Fiber Nonconductive Riser)
This is cable containing only glass fiber with no copper conductive elements.
It is generally intended for vertical runs between floorsas part of a fiber backbone.
This type of cable complies with the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) fire safety test Riser/1666.
OFNP (Optical Fiber Nonconductive Plenum)
This is a cable containing only glass fiber with no copper conductive elements.
It is generally intended for horizontal runs especially within an air handing conduit.
This type of cable complies with the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) fire safety test Riser/1666.
Cable Length:
Any cable length option, Normally measured in Meters. Optional lengths, CM, mm, Inches, Foot, KM, Mile
With the on-site, precision manufacturing equipment and our skilled workers,
our fiber optic patch cords are reliable and 100%tested according to industrial
and international standards to guarantee top performance. All our fiber patch cords
are with flexible customization, good prices and very prompt delivery.
Order Information:
Fiber TypeJacket TypeCable Dia.Fiber CountConnectorPolish TypeLength
OM1 62.5/125OFNP2.0mm4 FIBERSSCSCAPCInches
OM2 50/125LSZH3.0mm6 FIBERSSTST Foot
OM4 50/125Plenum 12 FIBERSMUMU Mile
   >48 FIBERSE2000E2000  


Online Service:

James Xu (Product Director)

Wechat: xyy71630

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# 1: Fiber testing

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# 3  Fiber core coloring

#4 Fiber tube producing line

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#6 Fiber twist

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#8 Jacket Finishing 1
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#9 Jacket Finishing 2
9 Jacket finishing 2 zion communication

#10 Process testing
10 process testing zion communication

#11 Connector finishing

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