You can get ultimate reasonable factory price of
the 50 Ohm coaxial Cable itself from us!
You will enjoy best service from our export team on price for import and export, shipping time, documents 
and custom policy, which will save cost ultimately  and create biggest value for you.
Quality Guarantee
You will received 100% quality pass testing before sending to our customers;also we are responsible for all products during it’s normal lifetime.
50 Ohm  Coaxial Cable Description
ZION COMMUNICATION supplies a wide range of 50 ohm coaxial cables for today’s microwave communications, wireless communication systems and their equipment. 
Also for internal wiring harness or external interface cables to meet the needs for more efficient space utilization, smaller external wiring systems and higher signal transfer speeds, typical in medical systems and flexible electronic systems 
such as LCD panels and PC Notebook computers.
All HANGZHOU ZION COMMUNICATION CO.,LTD 50 ohm Coaxial cables comply with International standards within the industry. If you do not find the product you need 
in then we offer the option of a special custom design cable. 
Here you can choose between different constructions, jacket colours or other materials etc.
Key Features
★ Designed for Efficient space utilization
Designed for more than 100,000 cycles of bending/twisting
Excellent Bending and Twisting durability
Small diameter and light weight for ease of routing
Excellent thermal and heat resistant properties
Excellent electrical properties with Flurocarbon Polymers
★ Excellent mechanical strength with Copper Alloy 
★ Conductors and screens available

50 Ohm Coaxial Cable Products Group



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