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Optical Fiber Cable Description
ZION COMMUNICATION supplies a wide range of optical fiber cable for today’s networking,Gigabit Ethernet,Harsh Environment, Military,Aerospace & Avionics, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles,Data Storage Equipment, Simulation,Broadcast and more...
Key Features
 Low loss
    Optical fiber features low loss compared either to the metallic,
balanced paired cable or coaxial cable using copper.

 Wide band
    Optical fiber can transmit signals at far higher frequencies than coaxial cable,
although the frequency range depends on the fiber type.

 Short diameter and lightweight
    Optical fiber is narrower and lighter than other transmission media.
Compared to 18-core coaxial cable, for example,
the 18-core optical cable is about 1/10 in sectional area and about 1/30 in weight.
Optical cable,when compared to conventional metallic cable with the same outside diameter,
can accommodate more conductors and is advantageous in terms of installation.

    Since glass such as quartz does not conduct electricity, optical fiber is free of noise resulting from electromagnetic induction from external objects (such as high-tension cables, TV sets, and radios).

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