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ZION COMMUNICATION is a professional signal products and security system products provider.
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Top Brand c​hoose our CATV Cables
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You can get ultimate reasonable factory price of
the CATV 
coaxial cable itself from us!
You will enjoy best service from our export team on price
for import and export, shipping time,
documents and custom policy, which will save cost ultimately and create biggest value for you. 
Quality Guarantee
You will received 100% quality pass testing before sending to our customers;also we are responsible for all products during it’s normal lifetime.
CATV Coaxial Cable Description
ZION COMMUNICATION supplies a wide range of CATV coaxial cables for today’s wireless and broadband networks, through all areas of a network to transport broadband data.
These 75 Ohm screened low loss cables offer optimum performance for main trunk/distribution use in IRS, MATV and CATV systems where extended cable runs are required.
These products are available to support most systems, for CATV network distribution, whatever part of the network, whether the trunk cables, head end cable products
or indeed the drop cables into the home. All HANGZHOU ZION COMMUNICATION CO., LTD CATV Coaxial cables comply with International standards within the industry. If you do not find the product you need in then we offer the option of a special custom design cable. Here you can choose between different constructions, jacket color or other materials etc.
Key Features
Physical Foamed dielectric, preventing water ingress, mechanically robust and stable attenuation to
3 GHz Optimum shielding with excellent protection against interference and improved mechanical strength Wide product range,to suit a wide range of applications and environments, available in a range of jacket materials.

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