• ASU optical cable--reduce the cost of operators' 5G network deployment


    The cost of communication construction in many countries is related to the outer diameter and weight of the optical cable. The thicker the outer diameter of the optical cable, the greater the weight per unit length, and the higher the cost of using more materials, which will also make operators char

  • 15 questions about fiber optic cables


    15 questions about fiber optic cables 1、How much does a fiber drop cable cost?Typically, the price per fiber optic cable ranges from $30 to $1000, depending on the type and quantity of fibers: G657A1/G657A2/G652D/OM2/OM3/OM4/OM5, jacket material PVC/LSZH/PE, length and Structural design and other fa

  • What is optical fiber drop cable?


    What is optical fiber drop cable?FTTH fiber optic drop cables are laid out at the user's end and used to connect the terminal of the backbone optical cable to the user's building or house. It is characterized by small size, low fiber count, and a support span of about 80m. It is common for overhead

  • Introduction to fiber optical pigtails


    Introduction to fiber optical patch cableHow to find the top quality manufacturer and supplier of fiber optical patch cable/patch cord/patch lead? Writer: MJ from Zion CommunicationDate:2021-8-9 A fiber-optic patch cord/patch cable/patch lead is a fiber-optic cable capped at either end with connecto

  • Introduction to fiber optical patch cable


    Introduction to fiber optical patch cableHow to find the top quality manufacturer and supplier of fiber optical patch cable/patch cord/patch lead? Writer: MJ from Zion CommunicationDate:2021-8-9 A fiber-optic patch cord/patch cable/patch lead is a fiber-optic cable capped at either end with connecto

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  • What's the right twisted pair ethernet cable jacket material for you?


    What’s right twisted pair ethernet cable jacket matterial for you?: Often customers are still confused about what material they need for sheathing/Jacket when purchasing, we have summarized the following information in the hope that it will help you in your procurement.What is the purpose of cable s

  • Introduction to copper patch cable


    Introduction to copper patch cableThe copper patch cords have played a central role in the development of general purpose and structured cabling systems and are used today to connect virtually all network components regardless of specific applications or industries. Copper patch cords are quickly be

  • Introduction to twisted pair network cables


    1,Different types of twisted pair ethernet cablesA variety of different cables are available for Ethernet and other telecommunications and networking applications. These network cables also called LAN cables that are described by their different categories, e.g. CAT 5e cables, CAT 6 cables, CAT 6a

  • Build your own home Data Center


    Today, it has become very common to build a small data center at home or small business.In the past, only large companies or industries would have data centers. Now, this has changed, and the number of small businesses creating small data centers has greatly increased.The data center is the brain of

  • The Basics of RJ45 and 8P8C Connectors


    Origins of RJ45Let’s start with RJ45, perhaps the term most widely used to refer to Ethernet cables today. RJ stands for “registered jack,” and the true RJ45 connector was originally developed as part of the standardized telecommunication network interface for the purpose of connecting telephone net

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  • How to choose the right cable for CCTV & Video Surveillance systems?


    How to choose the right cable for CCTV & Video Surveillance systems

  • How to Running Ethernet Cables Outdoors


    A wired network offers speed and security advantages over a wireless network, and it has a higher resistance to electromagnetic interference. If you want to extend your network over two or more buildings on your property, wired is the way to go, although the initial installation is labor-intensive.C

  • How to Protect an Outdoor Ethernet Cable


    There are many farms in our area, which produce vegetables and fruits all year round, and some of them have installed video surveillance to facilitate the management of plants.

  • Which cable is suitable for CCTV IP Camera?


    Which cable is suitable for CCTV IP Camera?Who is my first cable supplier for CCTV IP Camera?What's the best cable for CCTV IP Camera? Can I use Cat 5 cable for security cameras? How to wire IP PoE cameras? How is the difference of Cat5e & Cat6? How can I find the professional cat5e & cat6 cable sup

  • What is POC & how to choose the right cable for POC?


    What is POC & how to chose right cable for POC?Zion Communication will give professional answer for you. POC, referred to as Power over Coax, transmits both video and electrical power over a single coaxial cable(RG59 or similar: https://www.zion-communication.com/phoenix/admin/prod/search?searchValu

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  • Zion Communication Coaxial Cable And Loud Speaker Cable Factory 5


    ZION Communication COAXIAL Cable and Loud Speaker Cable Factory Mainly produce Cable : 1、Fiber optic cable FTTX/H drop cable and outdoor fiber optic cables |FDB|ODF|Optic fibers Cabinets 2、Coaxial cable RG/RF Series:RG59+2C,RG6, RG11…… 3、Lan cable Cat5e,Cat6…… 4、Fire Alarm cable 4/22,2/18,2/16,2/14…… 5、Loud Speaker cable transparent Black&Red # 14 16 18 20 22

  • What is the difference between RG59 and RG6?


    RG6 cable is heavier gauge and has thicker insulation and better shielding. It is best for high bandwidth or high frequency applications such as Internet, Cable TV, and Satellite TV signals. If you aren’t sure which cable to get then RG6 cable is your best bet RG59 cable is thinner and has less shielding. It is only recommended in low bandwidth and lower frequency applications such as CCTV installations

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  • 5 Steps of Network Cable Manufacturing


    Wire Drawing Processes The first step in manufacturing LAN cables is wire drawing. Wire drawing is a process in which the wire is drawn through a die so as to reduce its diameter and increase the length. As this happens, its volume remains the same. The dies are flooded with lubricant which also serves as a coolant, increasing the life of the dies and keeping the copper wire from overheating. The result of this process is 5000 ft of a coil of 10, 12, or 14 AWG copper wire.

  • Why Foaming PE insulation needed in Ethernet network cables


    With the development of Ethernet technology, and high data transmission requested, so higher performance and better quality Ethernet network cables are required. Today, China leading Ethernet cables manufacturer – Zion communication are going to talking about something about Foaming PE insulation in

  • Ethernet cable jacket Types - How to choose a flame retardant Ethernet cable


    An Ethernet data cable has an outer sheath protecting the interior wires called a jacket. This jacket can come in many variations designed for different applications.CMP: Communications, Plenum - can be installed in any spaceCATVP: Cable TV PlenumCL3P: Class 3 Plenum - for in-wall installation in p

  • GJXH Fibra al hogar (fibra (fibra) al hogar, GJYXCH FTTH Cable de bajada CAS FLAT CABLE DE ABONADO


    La fibra (fibra) al hogar (FTTH) es un método de transmisión para la comunicación de fibra óptica. Es conectar directamente la fibra a la casa del usuario (donde el usuario la necesita).

  • Cable ADSS, diseño y uso de Kevlar,Cálculo de alcance,Fuerza de tracción máxima


    En el último artículo, expliqué el diseño estructural del cable ADSS. Esta vez compartí específicamente el Kevlar en ADSS, diseño y uso.

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