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    Where are signal and control cables used in wind turbines?

    Wind turbines use many types of signal and low-voltage cables for a variety of applications. Most applications are in the nacelle and tower.In the nacelle, cables connect sensors to controls and to power devices. Flexibility there is important to route ...
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    Turbine components: cables

    What cable standards apply to wind turbines?As the power industry has evolved with increased use of renewable-energy, so have wind-cable industry standards and the types of cables manufactured to meet the requirements of wind applications...
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    Read this before ordering cable for solar projects

    Planning for solar array wiring is a detailed process with timing and financial implications. The variety of solar cables available, the specific uses for each and the supply chain are reasons why solar cabling should never be an afterthought...
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    Meeting and often exceeding customers' expectations.

    ZION COMMUNICATION is a professional signal products and security system products provider. We believe on investing and building strong ...
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    welcome to be partners of us.

    ZION COMMUNICATION is keep on developing in healthy and reasonable speed, and welcome to be partners of us.
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    What is the difference between RG59 and RG6?

    RG6 cable is heavier gauge and has thicker insulation and better shielding. It is best for high bandwidth or high frequency applications such as Internet, Cable TV, and Satellite TV signals. If you aren’t sure which cable to get then RG6 cable is your best bet RG59 cable is thinner and has less shielding. It is only recommended in low bandwidth and lower frequency applications such as CCTV installations

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