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sensor cables, including: Sensor cables, Actuator cables,Hydrometry cables
Transmitter cable, Transducer cable,Vented cable,are specifically designed
 optimal performance of signal/data transmission from a sensor, transducer,
or transmitter to a control unit. Pressure, liquid, temperature, and flow are just a few of the measurements that can be taken
r Sensor cables are available with Nitrile Butadiene Rubber sheathing, PVC sheathing,PUR sheathing.

Sensor Cable Applications
There are many applications for sensor cables, and variations by industry and intended use. 
Many of the sensors used across a wide variety of applications are piezoelectric sensors, which measure changes in pressure, acceleration, strain, or force. 

Submersible level – well, tank level, ground and surface water measurement applications
Pressure – industrial, automotive, aerospace applications to measure oil, gas, and water
Temperature – measurement of temperature of a number of ambient environments
Position sensors – construction equipment, building control, weighing systems
Vibration sensors – railway, aerospace, automotive measurement in critical applications
Traffic sensors – speed and red light camera, weigh-in-motion and vehicle classification
Driverless Cars / Autonomous Vehicles – cameras and visual/motion detection systems
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high quality & high competitive price of sensor cables which can meet your requirements.  
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