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MIL-C-17 RG PE Insulation Cable Products
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 MIL-C-17 RG PE Insulation Cable
Image Product Name Impedance Model Inquiry
// NO.7101204 RG58 TC TC PVC 50 ohm 19*0.18mmTC+2.95mmSPE+112×0.12mmTC+4.95mmPVC Inquire
// NO.7101209 RG174 BC 50 ohm 7*0.17mmBC+1.52mmSPE+64×0.10mmTC+2.79mmPVC Inquire
// NO.7101210 RG174 CCS 50 ohm 7*0.17mmCCS+1.52mmSPE+64×0.10mmTC+2.79mmPVC Inquire
// NO.7101214 RG213 50 ohm 7*0.752mmBC+7.24mmSPE+192×0.18mmBC+10.3mmPVC Inquire
// NO.7101215 RG214 50 ohm 7*0.752mmSPC+7.24mmSPE+144×0.16mmSPC+168×0.16mmSPC+10.8mmPVC Inquire
// NO.7101216 RG223 50 ohm 0.90mmSPC+2.95mmSPE+112×0.12mm SPC+112×0.12mm SPC+5.3mmPVC Inquire
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