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Introduction of Zion Communications


HANGZHOU ZION COMMUNICATION CO., LTD is a manufacturer and supplier of  cables & wire, copper system equipment, fiber system equipment and accessories for security & fire protection, telecom/internet, data center, building & entertainment, industrial.


We keep on investing and building strong R&D capabilities for new technology and innovation. We have a strong R&D team and skilled workers, also with the advanced machines and modern factories which can provide our customers with outstanding quality, service. Our company keep on investing in other first-class factories and build up strong cooperation with other first-class companies too to provide whole products and systems in the signal field and security systems to satisfy customers orders inquire.


Our management and international sales teams are committed to our customers' utmost satisfaction. Our experienced team of experts strives to service every inquiry, quote, and order quickly and efficiently, meeting and often exceeding customers' expectations.




Professional OEM - Zion Communication

● Our R&D team and skilled workers together with the advanced machines and modern factories which can provide our customers with outstanding quality, service.

● On the flexibility

● High-quality control standard

● Plenty of Certificates of products and customs

● Professional expert team

● 7/24 working time for you


To be the best provider of the products and services in the field of signal & Low voltage power transmission all over the world!



Focus on customer needs to provide competitive signal & Low voltage power transmission products and services, continue to create maximum value for customers !

Zion Core Values

Team Work▲
Customer First
Embrace Change
Integrity Honest
Passion Devoted
What products Zion Communication have ?

● Fiber optic cable
● Lan/network cable
● Fire alarm cable
● Industrial data & process automation: 

   Flex data transmission cable,

   Industrial ethernet cable, 

   Bus cable, Marine armored cable
● Power and control cable
● 75 ohms coaxial cable
● 50 ohms coaxial cable
● Security alarm cable, speaker cable, ripcord, hdmi cable, type c cable, usb cable. 


● Cabinet: 

   Server cabinet, network rack cabinet, 

   wall mount rack cabinet
● Cabinet fitting: 

   Rack, wall mount bracket, PDU,

   cooling, TC digital temperature unit,

   shelf, panel/brackets,

   cable manager, plinth/drawer

● Patch panel
● Modules & plug: 

   keystone jacks, surface box, 

   modules plug, inline coupler.


● Optical fiber connectors & assemblies:             optical connector, optical adapter, 

   optical attenuator

● Fiber Patch cords

● Optical fiber splitter

● Optical fiber termination box

● Optical fiber splice closure

● Optical fiber network Unit

● Optical fiber cross connect cabinet.

What we do
We see R&D as the key to sustainable growth for zion-communication, and we intend to strengthen our R&D capabilities. Our R&D efforts center on reinforcing and developing element technologies needed to support the future growth and success of zion-communication.

About cable and accessories, we focus on technologies for materials, including metals, resins, fiber electrical and electronic design technologies, such as high-field insulation and high-speed transmission technologies. We also commit resources to the development of mechanical technologies to ensure reliability in the production of our products.

Automatic Polishing Fiber Patch Cord
Outdoor Optical Cable Production Workshop
Outdoor Optical Cable Production Workshop
Tension Test
Cable cross-section testing
Optical Network Unit Connection Test​​​​​​​
Cabinet Fittings Production
Optical Connector Shaping
Supplier of Cables and Accessories
 Telecommunications  Data centre 
 Video Surveillance   Fire alarm 
 Television and radio  4G/5G/Microwave  
 Industry internet and more.
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Zion-Communication wants to listen to its customers, in this space you can get more information, through your queries, suggestions...
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