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If you're in any doubt, please contact our experts by emailing info@zion-communication.com and they will demonstrate traceability and compliance.
The aim is to create harmonized product standards across Europe and help buyers make better-informed decisions. Products will be classified from A to F depending on their flame characteristics with additional classifications for their smoke, flaming droplets, and acidity.

Compliance with CPR is mandatory and has implications throughout the supply chain but the majority of the responsibilities lie with manufacturers, importers, and distributors. They have a legal requirement to ensure it is only CPR compliant cables placed on the market from 1st July onwards, in addition to complying with the other standards and regulations the cables must meet. 
CPR(Constructin Products Regulation)
Standard : EN 50575:2014+A1:2016
       Type : Coaxial Cable 
 Model N : 50ohms Coaxial Cable, 75 ohms Coaxial                  Cable, 93 ohms Coaxial Cable

CPR(Constructin Products Regulation)
Standard : EN 50575:2014+A1:2016
       Type : Multi-cores Cable
                  (Fire Alarm Cable,Ethernet Cable,                             Industry Cable) 
 Model N : PH30, PH60, PH120, FRLS, FRHF, FPL,                  FPLR, FPLP, CAT5E, CAT6, CAT6A,                          CAT7, CAT8, CA Nbus, CC-Link, RS-485,                  SENSOR CABLE-PVC,
                 SENSOR CABLE-PO, Z-SEVOPUR                          Flexible, Z-Flex-SB/20276, Z-Flex/2464,                    Z-ROB-SB
CPR(Constructin Products Regulation)
Standard : EN 50575:2014+A1:2016
       Type : Optical Fiber Cable 
 Model N : GJXV, GJXH, GJXFH, GJYXFCH,                              GJYXCH, GJXFHA, GJFJV,GJBFJV,                          GYFXTY, GYXTW, GYXFTY,GYFTY,                          GYTA, GYTS,GYXTC8S, GYTC8A,                            GYTC8S, ADSS, GYTY53, GYTA53,                          GYTS53

UL: E491510
Power -limited Fire Alarm Cable 



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