Fire-Resistance Optical Fiber Cable 
for Railway Transportation

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 Fire-Resistance Optic Cable Products

Introduction of Fire-Resistance Optical Fiber Cable for Railway Transportation


With the increase in operation length, the corresponding demands for communication devices for rail transit keep increasing.

Optical cables are widely used in rail transit for their excellent safety, electromagnetic compatibility, reliability, multi-interfaces, and extensibility. Meanwhile, the security of rail transit has become more and more critical.


For the optical cables, the most severe accident is fire. Once the cable is damaged by fire, the communication might be interrupted, making it impossible to monitor the signals and control the essential devices, thus making it difficult for rescue, real-time monitoring, and equipment control.

Therefore, the communication cables are required to guarantee regular communication in the case of emergencies.

Based on flame-retardant & fire-resistant optical cables, ZION has developed optical cables for rail transit.

The cables can maintain regular communication and operation of critical equipment, send alarms and minimize losses caused by fire.




Product Series of Fire-Resistance Optical Fiber Cable for Railway Transportation

Non-metallic+Fire-Resistant Layer+Flame-Retardant Sheath
Single APL Armor+ Single Flame-Retardant Sheath
Single APL+Single PSP Armor+Double Flame-Retardant Sheaths
Single Fire-Resistant Layer+ Single PSP armor+ Single Flame-Retardant Sheath
Double Fire-Resistant Layers+Double PSP armors+Double Flame-Retardant Sheaths
Double Fire-Resistant Layers+Double PSP+Single Steel Wire Armor+3 Flame-Retardant 
APL+Steel Wire armor+Fire-Resistant Layer+Anti-Termite Layer+Flame-Retardant Sheath


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