Fire-Resistance Optical Fiber Cable 
for Railway Transportation

Mission: Focus on customer needs to provide competitive
signal & low-voltage power transmission products and services,
continue to create maximum value for customers !​​​​​​​

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Non-metallic+Fire-Resistant Layer+Flame-Retardant Sheath
Single APL Armor+ Single Flame-Retardant Sheath
Single APL+Single PSP Armor+Double Flame-Retardant Sheaths
Single Fire-Resistant Layer+ Single PSP armor+ Single Flame-Retardant Sheath
Double Fire-Resistant Layers+Double PSP armors+Double Flame-Retardant Sheaths
Double Fire-Resistant Layers+Double PSP+Single Steel Wire Armor+3 Flame-Retardant 
APL+Steel Wire armor+Fire-Resistant Layer+Anti-Termite Layer+Flame-Retardant Sheath

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