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Optical Cable for Route Shortage
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 Route Shortage Products

Introduction of Optical Fiber Cable for Short-Distance Line (Route Shortage)

With the rapid development of metropolitan area networks and access networks, fewer and fewer urban duct and hole resources are available. The improvement of urban municipal construction management makes it harder and harder to acquire approval for excavation and installation of cable systems. However, the communication network structure is scattered geographically. 
Thus the mass installation of optical cables is facing a conflict between high costs and low utilization. The above problems bring challenges such as routing selection and routing shortage to constructing optical cable cabling. Based on network construction experience and considerable advantages in optical cable manufacturing, ZION proposes dedicated optical cables for line shortages. Optical cable products for different routing scenarios are listed as follows:

GLFXTS Roader Micro-trench Uni-Tube Fibers Aramid PSP Armored
GPTCA63 Ducting laying in Waiver Sewer Stranded Loose Tubes APL Aramid Yarns Armored
GYTA Small 60-144F High-density fibers in Duct Micro Stranded Loose tubes CSM APL Armored
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