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Packaging: VE Server Rack could be shipped in disassembled packing, saving transportation and storage cost.
New appearance design: Sidedoor: split into 2 parts, lockable with square locks.
Front and rear door: pluggable front door and rear doors, with external hinges.
Casters: built-in installation design.

Frame: duplex profile frames with patent, could be connected by 8 pieces of screws.

Front and rear doors: "two points" locking design making doors and frames closed tighter,
turning angle up to 180 degrees.

Cable entries on top and bottom: sliding and adjustable cable entries on top and bottom,
edges of cable entries are with the design to prevent wires from scratching.

Fan unit: installed from top outside of server rack cabinet, easy to install and maintain.

Mounting rails: installation positions of mounting rails could be adjusted quickly. Dedicated channel alignment reserved in internal of cabinets.

Cabinet structure: patented structure.

Maximum loading capacity: 1300kg.
IDC server rack cabinet composed of two different size of cabinet (width: 600+300mm, so the
total width is 900mm), which makes the structure stronger and can load about 1000 KG.

Mesh material in all directions: two piece of front single-door together with
rear three side-doors ensure the cabinet has a good heat dissipation area.

The installation and disassembly of side doors is fast and convenient, which
makes maintenance much easier and more effcient.
Movable caster and fixed feet can be used simultaneously, which makes the moving of cabinets easier.

Replaceable hinges have been installed on the door and protected of top cable
holes by a rubber cover, which are flexible and safe.

Height: 42U, 47U

Depth: 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm ,1100mm and 1200mm.

Flexible packaging ensures rack cabinet’s storage and delivery.
Are you looking for Data Center Server Rack Cabinet ?

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