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Sensor & Actuator Cable
PVC Sensor & Actuator Cable
PUR Sensor & Actuator cables Shielded
FP Cable or Air Guider Cable
The sensor/actuator range are signal cables,

connecting automation systems end points

(e.g., sensors) to the next layer (e.g. I/O devices).

These applications require cables with high flexibility

and resistance to tough industrial environments

(e.g., oil,temperature variation, chemicals),

low data rates and reliable quality.
On-machine applications & peripheral

devices to PLC controllers:

• Sensor-Actuator links

• Sensors/Actuators to I/O Distributor Boxes

• Sensors/Actuators to Field Devices
Sustainable Performance
Automation technologies make things move.
They sense, they control,and they inspect. Automation also means intelligent networking ofcontrol systems,
sensors and actuators. High performance cables have
changed the face of modern factories, manufacturing processes and the industrial infrastructure.
Today’s industrialists expect reliability and take long lifecycles and high performance for granted. Very often
this applies under even the most rugged conditions, which means inpractice that they can concentrate
on their own work.
P o w e r & C o n t r o l

ZION COMMUNICATION delivery high-performance cable 

applicable for computers, communications, instrumentation, sound,

control, audio, data transmission, and many more applications.

Including Flexible control cable, Chain Cable, SERVO Motor cables, Robotics Cable, 

hook up wire, high temperature cable and Flexible installation cable




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