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CATV Line Amplifier Outdoor Modular Bidirectional Amplifier WA-1200-CEAM

1. Descriptions

WA-1200-CEAM series are high gain high output modular bidirectional AGC amplifiers. It is suitable to the 1GHz CATV bidirectional cable transmission network.


2. Features

Ø Add RF AGC control for forward path.

Ø Plug-in equalizer and attenuator, GaAs power double output.

Ø Two-way splitter or tap output, modular cast aluminum waterproof housing.


3. Specifications

Ø Operating Frequency: 5 ~ 65/87 ~ 1003 MHz; 5 ~ 65/87 ~ 862 MHz

Ø Forward Path Maximum Full Gain: ≥ 38 dB           

Ø Forward Path C/CTB: ≥ 65 dB

Ø Forward Path C/CSO: ≥ 63 dB            

Ø Return Path Maximum Full Gain: ≥ 22 dB

Ø Return Path Carrier Second Order Intermodulation Ratio: ≥52dB.

Ø Forward Path AGC characteristic: ±4dB(input)/±0.5dB(output)


4. General features

Ø Consumption: ≤ 22W

Ø Operating Temperature: -20 ~ +55℃

Ø Operating Voltage: AC 150 ~ 265V or AC 35 ~ 90V(50Hz)

Ø Dimension: 295mm(L)X 210mm(W)X 150mm(H)


Note 1: The technical index test conditions are in accordance with < GY/T 185-2003 Specifications and methods of measurement on two-way amplifiers used in CATV systems >.

Note 2: More detailed product introduction and index parameters see the product manual.


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