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CATV Line Amplifier Outdoor Ultra-thin Bidirectional Amplifier WF-1100-KLE

1. Descriptions

WF-1100-KLE series are high gain high output bidirectional building amplifiers, only 65mm in thickness, can be vertically or horizontally mounted on wall, or hanged. It is suitable to the 1GHz CATV bidirectional cable transmission network.


2. Features

Ø Low noise MMIC amplification + GaAs power double output.

Ø Plug-in equalizer and attenuator.

Ø Two-way tap or splitter output, ultra thin cast aluminum waterproof housing.


3. Specifications

Ø Frequency Range: 5 ~ 65/87 ~ 1003 MHz; 5 ~ 65/87 ~ 862 MHz

Ø Forward Path Maximum Full Gain: ≥ 38 dB           

Ø Forward Path C/CTB: ≥ 66dB

Ø Forward Path C/CSO: ≥ 64 dB            

Ø Return Path Maximum Full Gain: ≥ 24 dB

Ø Return Path Carrier Second Order Intermodulation Ratio: ≥52dB.


4. General features

Ø Consumption: ≤ 20W

Ø Operating Temperature: -20 ~ +55℃

Ø Operating Voltage: AC 150 ~ 265V or AC 35 ~ 90V (50Hz)

Ø Dimension: 220mm(L)X 205mm(W)X 65mm(H)


Note 1: The technical index test conditions are in accordance with < GY/T 185-2003 Specifications and methods of measurement on two-way amplifiers used in CATV systems >.

Note 2: More detailed product introduction and index parameters see the product manual.


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