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ZION COMMUNICATION is a professional signal products and security system products provider.
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You can get the ultimate reasonable factory price of the CCTV Coaxial Cable itself from us!
You will enjoy the best service from our expert team on price for import and export, shipping time, documents
and customs policy, which will save cost ultimately and create the biggest value for you.
Quality Guarantee
You will receive 100% quality pass testing before sending to our customers; also we are responsible for all products during its normal lifetime.
CCTV Coaxial Cable Description
Surveillance is a primary function in safety and security for many environments 
such as Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Malls, Airports,
Stations, Casinos, Prisons, Businesses, and Personals.
The selection of cameras and other electronics equipment is a primary concern,
but the link between the electronics should be taken with extreme caution.
ZION COMMUNICATION  provides CCTV coaxial cables from short-run applications to the most critical long distance applications. Our CCTV coaxial cables offer optimum performance for main distribution use in video surveillance systems 
where extended cable runs are required.

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