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Who we are

▲ Professional cable manufacturer.
▲ 20 Years experienced OEM & ODM supplier.
▲ Your honest and trustworthy partner in China.

Why Chose us as your honest cable & assembles supplier?

●Profession: Our R&D team and skilled workers together with the advanced machines and modern factories which can provide our customers with outstanding quality, service. 

●On the flexibility: We keep on investing our factories and build up strong cooperation with other companies to provide whole products in the signal & low voltage power transmission products to meet and satisfy customer flexible order needs and requirements.

●High Quality Control Standard:We seek to ensure our products quality is maintained or improved with either reduced or zero errors. 

●Professional Expert Team: Our experienced team of experts strives to service every inquiry, quote, and order quickly and efficiently, meeting and often exceeding customers' expectations,and working 7× 24 for you.



  ZION Industrial Park, Huaqiao Road,
     Jincheng, Lin'an, Zhejiang, China
 +86 15088607575



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