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GYXTW53 - Center Bundle heavy Armored Optical Fiber Cable

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Product Description

Center Bundle heavy Armored Optical Fiber Cable ( GYXTW53 )

The fibers are placed in a losse tube made of PBT.The tube is
filled with a water-resistant filling compound.The tube is
wrapped with a layer of PSP longitudinally. Between the PSP
and the loose tube water -blocking material is applied to keep
the cable compact and waterlight. Two parallel steel wires are
placed at the two sides of the steel tape,over which a thin PE
inner sheath is applied. After the PSP is longitudinally applied
over the inner sheath,the cable is completed with a PE outer sheath.
Technical Parameters:
No. of fibersNo.of fibers per tube (max)No.of   elementsTube    diameterJacketShort term tensionShort term  crush
4 count4 count1 count2.0±0.05mm12.4mm(1.8)3000N3000N/100mm
Test method and Mechanical Characteristic
Tensile Strengthconfirm to IEC 794-1-E1Temperature requirementOperation-40℃ - +60℃
Crushconfirm to IEC 794-1-E3Installation-10℃ - +60℃
Impactconfirm to IEC 794-1-E4Storage/Tran-sportation-40℃ - +60℃
Repeated bendingconfirm to IEC 794-1-E6
Torsionconfirm to IEC 794-1-E7Temperature cycling testconfirm to IEC 794-1-F1
Flexingconfirm to IEC 794-1-E8
Cable bendconfirm to IEC 794-1-E11Bending RadiusUnloaded10 times of outer diameter
Water penetrationconfirm to IEC 794-1-F5BLoaded20 times of outer diameter
Fiber Color Code
1      |  2345678
Blue  |  OrangeGreenBrownGrayWhiteRedBlack
Specification for GYXTW and GYXTW532-12 CoresDescriptionSingle ModeMulti Mode

Production Process Flow Chart

# 1: Fiber testing

1 Fiber testing Zion Communication

# 2  Fiber core coloring
2 Fiber core coloring Zion Communication

# 3  Fiber core coloring

#4 Fiber tube producing line

4 Fiber tube producing line Zion Communication

#5 PBT control
5 PBT control zion communication

#6 Fiber twist

6 fiber twist zion communication

#7 Fiber twist2
7 fiber twist 2 zion communication

#8 Jacket Finishing 1
8 Jacket finishing 1 zion communication

#9 Jacket Finishing 2
9 Jacket finishing 2 zion communication

#10 Process testing
10 process testing zion communication

#11 Packing

11 Packing zion communication

#12 Container Loading
12 Loading container zion communication