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  • 5 minutes to learn about Fiber optic cable types

    5 minutes to learn about Fiber optic cable types

  • Difference-between-CAT5-and-CAT6

    Difference between CAT5 and CAT6

    How to choose the right cable for CCTV systems ?

    How to choose the right cable for CCTV systems ?

  • About ​Fire Alarm Cable Types

    About ​Fire Alarm Cable Types

[Telecom & Internet] Why Foaming PE insulation needed in Ethernet network cables
With the development of Ethernet technology, and high data transmission requested, so higher performance and better quality Ethernet network cables are required. Today, China leading Ethernet cables manufacturer – Zion communication are going to talking about something about Foaming PE insulation in
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[Telecom & Internet] Ethernet cable jacket Types - How to choose a flame retardant Ethernet cable
An Ethernet data cable has an outer sheath protecting the interior wires called a jacket. This jacket can come in many variations designed for different applications.CMP: Communications, Plenum - can be installed in any spaceCATVP: Cable TV PlenumCL3P: Class 3 Plenum - for in-wall installation in p
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[Telecom & Internet] GJXH Fibra al hogar (fibra (fibra) al hogar, GJYXCH FTTH Cable de bajada CAS FLAT CABLE DE ABONADO
La fibra (fibra) al hogar (FTTH) es un método de transmisión para la comunicación de fibra óptica. Es conectar directamente la fibra a la casa del usuario (donde el usuario la necesita).
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[Telecom & Internet] Cable ADSS, diseño y uso de Kevlar,Cálculo de alcance,Fuerza de tracción máxima
En el último artículo, expliqué el diseño estructural del cable ADSS. Esta vez compartí específicamente el Kevlar en ADSS, diseño y uso.
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[Telecom & Internet] ¿Cómo eligen los países latinoamericanos los cables de fibra óptica? Elija los proveedores chinos de cable de fibra óptica
Hola a todos, soy James, que se dedica a la industria de la comunicación por cable óptico, soy el director técnico de investigación de productos responsable del comercio exterior de cable óptico y productos de cable.
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[Telecom & Internet] 4 things you need to know when choosing an RF connector | How to choose RF CONNECTORS
RF COAXIAL CONNECTOR SELECTION-1The factors that consumers to select a connector should take into account include not only the electronic performance but also economic factors. You should mainly concern about four aspects: performance must meet the needs of system wiring and economy conform requirem
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Type designation:The type named of RF coaxial connector is made of main symbol and structural symbol in the middle of which is separated with ‘-‘.Main Symbol:Main symbol of RF coaxial connector use international universal main symbol. Different naming ways refer to different structural products and
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[Telecom & Internet] Connection tips of CAT5E CAT6 Wire Connector
Connection tips of CAT5E CAT6 Wire ConnectorThere are two ways to make a network line, one is crossing line, the other is parallel line.The practice of crossing lines is as follows:One adopts 568A standard and the other adopts 568B standard.Parallel lines are:Both ends are 568A standard or 568B stan
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[Telecom & Internet] What is 5G? Here's something you need to know
What is 5G? Here’s everything you need to know5G's arrival is transforming tech. Here's everything you need to know to keep upHow 5G will change your life in 2019Imagine playing PUB-G on a VR headset all through your phone, while travelling in self-driving cars at 200 miles an hour. 5G will make tha
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[Telecom & Internet] Analysis Why Optical Fibers FTTx Communication Huge growth
2019-2021 YEARS ZION COMMUNICATION Reports Optical Communication White book|Practices Case
Since 2012, the demand for fiber bandwidth has grown exponentially.
Statistics show the average of global Internet connection speeds. From the first quarter of 2011 to the first quarter of 2017,
the global Internet connection speed measurement ranged from 2.0 to 7.2 Mbps, and Korea ranked first in terms of the highest average Internet connection speed.
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[Telecom & Internet] 3 most important types of fiber cables
CATALOG OF OPTICAL FIBER CABLES(Cable Fibra óptica)ADSS All Dielectric Self-Supporting Aerial CableOutdoor Central Tube Fiber Optic CablesOutdoor Multi-tube Fiber Optic CablesOutdoor Double Sheath Buried Fiber Optic CablesOutdoor Figure 8 Self-Supporting Fiber Optic Cables FTTH Drop Fiber Optic Cable
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