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CCTV Coaxial Cable

Tinned CCAM wire with CCAM core ,then painted with the Tin layer,It`s a new shielding material which combines the good conductivity of Copper and light weight Aluminum ,It is good at shielding ,easy weld and not easy to oxidation.

1.Used for produce braiding wire. Braiding wire used for flexible connections of electrical installation switching device;
2.Used for production of the wave-proof cover. Wave-proof cover used for prevent radio frequency interference or protection of shielding copper braided cover.
3. Used in the production of soft wire.Soft wire is power transmission and distribution in electrical devices and electrical and electronic equipments and the components of silicon controlled flexible connections;
4. All kinds of shielding network line; All kinds of tape screened multi-fiber signal cables, etc.

Normal package:
 Spool size: DIN130mm,DIN180mm,DIN250mm,DIN400mm.



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